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Anima Sanum
Plantos Verde

ANIMASANUM in the Poultry Industry

ANIMASANUM is of great help in the poultry industry in the following ways

  • Increased Pellet Durability for Feeds  
  • Increases Food Efficiency Values / Lower Feed Conversion Rates  
  • Healthier Birds  
  • Reduces Diarrhea
  • Mycotoxins Binder
  • Reduces Foot Pad Burns From Phosphorus  
  • Lowers Mortality  
  • Lesser or No Antibiotics  
  • Increased Number of Gradable Eggs  
  • Increased Shell Thickness  
  • Flow Agent / Anti-caking Agent 
  • Increases Solubility of Phosphate in Birds: The zeolite exchanges the calcium from dicalcium phosphate and makes the phosphate more soluble and better utilized by the bird for bones. The dicalcium phosphate in the feed may be reduced by 50% after testing.  
  • Increased Nitrogen Content of Manure and Compost: Anima Sanum increases and fixes the nitrogen in the manure and compost so that it is plant accessible but not water-soluble. It stops the gassing of the nitrogen as ammonia. Good chicken compost should sell for $75.00 to $90.00 per ton. Many of the areas that have been repeatedly fertilized with chicken manure now have phosphate problems. This is a result of not enough nitrogen to balance the plant uptake of the phosphorous. The problem can be solved by increasing the nitrogen, by the addition of phytase to the feed, and by feeding Anima Sanum to solubilize the phosphate in the bird.
  • Zeolites Adds Value to Manure and Compost: The introduction of Zeolites with the manure or compost to the soil has the benefit of increasing water retention, holding the nitrogen and other nutrients in the growth zone, provides a medium for the future capture of nitrogen, increases the ion exchange capacity of the soil, provides potassium and calcium, and enhances infiltration and aeration of the soil. Anima Sanum is a value added soil amendment that should be advertised as such.
  • Odor Control: Reduces the ammonia gas and odor in the coop and manure storage and compost areas.
  • Fly Control: Reduced ammonia gas and increased moisture absorption helps control flies.
  • Increased Animal Welfare: Greater animal health creates better animal welfare, better products, greater production, and less usage of antibiotics and medicines that may have lasting adverse effects to the human population.
  • Groundwater Pollution Control: Fixing the nitrogen and various heavy metals reduces the pollution of the groundwater with nitrates and nitrites.
  • Recycle Egg Wash Water: Egg wash water can be recycled after filtration through a bed of zeolite granules to remove suspended solids and bacteria (e.g. E. Coli, etc.) 


Methods for obtaining these benefits include

1. Adding to feed

This is the most effective point of addition. Many farms have eliminated most of their odor and realized greater animal health, welfare, and production by feeding between 1⁄2 to 2% of the total ration on a weight basis of Anima Sanum. A -40 mesh product should be fed in mash or a -100 mesh should be used to pelletize supplements.
2. Applying to bedding area
A thin layer should be applied to the bedding area or to the area that receives the manure each time it is cleaned out.

In compost or dry stacked manure

The compost or dry stacked manure should be “top dressed” with a thin layer of Bedding Sanum after it is turned or after the addition of a new layer of manure. Alternatively, a layer of Bedding Sanum should be placed in the area of the barn receiving the fresh manure. Composting is an important process that:

  1. Converts organically bound nitrogen that is not plant accessible to ammonium hydroxide, ammonium nitrate, and ammonia that then are plant accessible.
  2. Kills the pathogens.
  3. Reduces or eliminates the odor.
  4. Dries the manure.
  5. Reduces the flies.
  6. Kills weed seeds.
Composting should be conducted “in vessel” to prevent groundwater and air pollution. Wash down operations are no longer environmentally acceptable due to groundwater pollution of nitrates, nitrites, and hydrogen sulfide.

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