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Anima Sanum
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Current fisheries crisis and the rising demand for animal protein have increased consideration of aquaculture as a replacement for wild fisheries. However, aquaculture production is vulnerable to impacts of disease and environmental conditions that in recent years have affected fish farms globally resulting in partial or sometimes total loss of production.

ANIMASANUM® particularly as food supplement ensures:
increased bioavailability, more efficient adsorption capacity and higher cation exchange capacity.


Considerable Advantages

  • Antitoxic effect: ammonia removal, purification of pond water
  • Better growth and FCR: restores intestinal flora and improves the transport of
    enzymes resulting in decreased body fat in meat and better food assimilation
  • Higher survival rate: reduced mortality
  • Supports immune system 
  • Improves fatty acid profile
  • Better meat quality
  • Protect against heavy metal absorption and elimination of organophosphate poisoning 
  • Prevent mycotoxins poisonings
Anima Sanum technology provides answer to major challenges in conventional and organic fish farming: to get safe products without heavy metal or organophosphate poison, reduce mycotoxins and use of antibiotics,reduce the dependency on fishmeal and fish oil, better feed conversion ratio and less environmental impact due to decreased need for forage fish in feed production. Anima Sanum also provides solution to feed and feeding strategies in aim to grow a healthy fish fast at the lowest possible cost.

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